Angelwax Corona Synthetic Spray Sealant

About this product

Angelwax Corona is a fully synthetic spray sealant, this spray sealant provides a perfect sealant (sealant) and gives a long-lasting deep wet look (gloss). Angelwax Corona is designed in such a way that it gives a good and deep shine, but mainly well protected which is reflected in a lacquer seal. This lacquer seal has a protection of approximately 6 months. Angelwax Corona can be used well as a paint sealant but can also be used as a protective and nourishing product on rubber moldings, plastic moldings or even tires.


1. For best results, wash, rinse and dry your vehicle thoroughly before applying Angelwax CORONA with a clean, dry microfiber applicator.

2. Apply Angelwax Corona with a clean, dry microfiber applicator pad.

3. Apply Angelwax Corona in a small circular motion. Cover the desired surface and let it work for a few minutes.

4. Remove with a clean, dry, microfiber cloth.

Note: Angelwax Corona is very economical to use (2 drops is enough of a bonnet.

    42,23 incl. VAT


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