Angelwax Cleanliness Pre-Cleaner

About this product

Angelwax Cleanliness is a powerful biodegradable all-purpose cleaner with a fresh citrus scent. Angelwax Cleanliness has been specially developed to safely remove insects, tar, bird droppings, contamination and other contaminants from your paint. Angelwax Cleanliness is of course safe for your wax layer. Angelwax Cleanliness is also excellent to use in combination with a foam lance or high pressure cleaner. Cleanliness can also be used in diluted quantities for applications such as cleaning the interior.


1. Add the required amount of Angelwax CLEANLINESS and water to your foam lance or high pressure cleaner.

2. Spray the vehicle completely over the entire surface.

3. Let it run for a few minutes before rinsing the vehicle.

4. After this, for best results, clean your vehicle thoroughly with Angelwax FASTFOAM or Angelwax Superior automotive shampoo.

Option 1: Dilution ratios: dilute 1: 1 for heavily polluted vehicles.

Option 2: For lightly soiled vehicles and regular washing, Angelwax CLEANLINESS can be diluted to 5 (water): 1 (cleanliness).

Top Tip: Finish cleaning with Angelwax BLUE RINSE or Angelwax QED to ensure a glossy streak-free finish.

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