Angelwax Clarity Windscreen Washer

About this product

Angelwax Clarity, super concentrated windshield washer fluid, is a powerful windscreen washer fluid with a fresh citrus scent, which you can use to fill your windscreen washer reservoir.

Clarity has been specially developed to safely remove insects, tar, bird droppings and other contamination from your windshield.

In addition to a super clear view, Angelwax Clarity also immediately applies a water-repellent layer to your windscreen so that you can safely continue your way.


Simply dilute according to weather conditions.

Dilution Factor: (Clarity / Water):

19: 1 Summer Use

9: 1 Fall / Spring Use

4: 1 Winter Use (-15)

1: 1 Extreme Winter (-25)

0: 1 De-Icer. Use with the supplied trigger spray


Tip: First clean the glass thoroughly with Angelwax VISION and apply a thin layer of Angelwax H2GO to the windshield for the ultimate rain-repellent effect.

This product is available in 1L

    18,88 incl. VAT


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