Angelwax Blue Rinse Wax Infused Spray

About this product

Angelwax Blue Rinse is your last step in the process of washing and protecting. With the super simple “spray-on and rinse-off method” you are assured that no water stains remain after drying. Angelwax Blue Rinse shortens your drying time, but more importantly, it ensures that your paint does not come into contact with cloths or drying towels, so you wash your vehicle in the safest and fastest way! By means of the added carnauba wax, Angelwax Blue Rinse ensures that your vehicle is finished with a great beautiful wet look shine.


- To be applied with: foam lance from a high pressure cleaner or with the supplied spray.

1. For best results, wash and rinse vehicle thoroughly before applying Angelwax BLUE RINSE.

2. Spray Angelwax BLUE RINSE all over the vehicle.

3. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with water.

Tip: finish with Angelwax QED for the ultimate protection and shine.

    27,10 incl. VAT


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