Angelwax Bilberry Wheel Cleaner

About this product

Original Bilberry Wheel Cleaner ', developed in our own laboratory in Scotland.

The Bilberry Wheel Cleaner is economical in use and completely biodegradable. With this concentrated variant you can, depending on the amount of water you use, adjust the cleaning power. You can therefore determine yourself how powerful the Bilberry Wheel Cleaner becomes. Angelwax Bilberry Wheelcleaner concentrate is the perfect wheel cleaner for everyone.


1. Rinse the wheel to be cleaned with a hose / high pressure sprayer to remove any loose dirt and to cool the wheel surface.

2. Dilute Bilberry with water depending on the dirtiness of the rims.

    Heavily soiled rims: Dilute 1 part Bilberry with 2 parts water.

    Medium soiled rims: Dilute 1 part Bilberry with 5 parts water

    Slightly soiled rims: Dilute 1 part Bilberry with: 10 parts water

3. Spray the wheel to be treated with Angelwax Bilberry Wheelcleaner and brush off the dirt with a wheel brush.

4. Rinse with a pressure washer.

Tip: Bilberry Wheel Cleaner is also available as ready to use.

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