Angelwash Shampoo with Drying Aid

About this product

Angelwax Angelwash easily removes dirt on your paint. It works quickly and safely and is completely self-drying when the car has been hosed down with lime-free water. The self-drying aspect of the Angelwax Angelwash prevents stains and water marks from being left on the car.


1. Add two capfuls of ANGELWASH to a bucket of clean, lukewarm water and shake to create a creamy foam.

2. Wash the entire vehicle.

3. After washing, rinse your vehicle thoroughly with water and let the vehicle dry itself.

Top Tip: For best results, pre-treat the vehicle with Angelwax cleanliness before using Angelwash. After letting the car dry yourself, you can seal with Angelwax QED for long-lasting protection and showroom shine.

Available in bottles of 500 ml and 5 liters.

    19,24 incl. VAT


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