AnGel Interior Dressing

About this product

Angelwax 'AnGel' Interior Dressing is a pH-neutral, silicone-free formula from Angelwax which has been developed on a water basis. A beautiful deep-nourishing dressing specially designed to care for and protect the plastic and vinyl parts of the interior of your car.

The built-in UV protection in 'AnGel' offers perfect protection against UV radiation, discoloration of dark interiors, plastics and dashboards is prevented. This superior gel has also been developed to remove dirt and fingerprints from all types of plastics. Your interior will get a beautiful satin look again!


1. Make sure that the surface to be treated is clean and dust-free, you can use Absolution for this.

2. Apply 'AnGel' with a microfibre applicator and treat the desired area. (Less is more)

3. Remove excess 'Angel' residue with a clean, dry microfibre cloth, rub the surface as desired.

    15,43 incl. VAT


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