AG Silver Metallic Paste Wax

About this product

Angelwax AG is the world's first, unique silver metallic paste wax. It is made with the same chemical components that are used in the manufacture of silver automotive paints. Angelwax AG has been specially developed to further enrich these silver-colored paints. Angelwax AG adds tremendous depth and great shine, while simultaneously masking light scratches, swirls and even stone chips. This very durable paste wax is an absolute 'must have' for owners of silver-colored vehicles. The AG is available in 150ml and 33ml.


1. Ensure that the surface to be treated is cool, clean and well prepared for use and that the area to be protected is free of scale, tar and other contaminants.

2. Apply Angelwax Ag sparingly with a clean, dry wax applicator on one panel at a time.

3. Let the wax cure for a few minutes.

4. Remove with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

    87,85 incl. VAT


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