Supreme Wheel Brush

About this product

The Meguiar's Supreme Wheel Brushes are made to clean rims safely and easily. The brushes have a microfibre head instead of bristles. This makes these brushes even softer and can absorb more suds than traditional brushes. There is no single metal part, which is often the cause of nasty scratches. The comfortable soft handles give excellent grip when using the brush.

Two variants are available: medium and large so that you always have a suitable brush.

The medium variant has a total length of 35 centimeters. The head is about 17 centimeters long and 8.5 centimeters wide.

The large variant has a total length of 45 centimeters. The head is about 23 centimeters long and 9.5 centimeters wide.

    28,73 incl. VAT


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