Ultimate Paint Care Kit - 4 delig

About this product

Complete Meguiar's Ultimate set to get your paint back in optimal condition and protect it!

This complete set removes swirls and light scratches with Ultimate Compound. Then use Ultimate Polish to re-nourish the polish and get that sought-after show gloss. Finally, protect your obtained shine with Ultimate Liquid Wax for durable protection against the elements.

This set consists of the following products:

  • Ultimate Compound 450ml
  • Ultimate Polish 473ml
  • Ultimate Liquid Wax with applicator 473ml
  • Even-Coat Applicator 2-pack

Ultimate Compound

Safely restore color and clarity on neglected and damaged paint surfaces with Meguiar's® Ultimate Compound.

This product contains a new abrasive technology that removes stubborn oxidation, stains, bird droppings and other lacquer defects while polishing the surface and giving it a mirror-like finish.

Ultimate Compound contains micro-abrasives, making it safe on clear coat. After use, it leaves a clear finish that is free from scratches, mist and swirls. This is different from traditional compounds that can degrade the surface. Can be applied manually or with a DA machine.

Ultimate Polish

This pre-wax glaze makes fine swirls less visible, leaving behind a deep high-gloss wet look. Ultimate Polish also deepens the color, especially on dark-colored paints, and gives the paint an incredibly brilliant mirror shine. The ultimate step before Meguiar's® Ultimate Wax!

Ultimate Liquid Wax

The bar has been raised with this pure synthetic wax that provides long-lasting protection with a beautiful reflection and no white spots on trims and plastic. Meguiar's® ThinFilm technology makes it super easy to apply and polish, even in full sun! Synthetic polymers form the longest-lasting protective layer with very good water repellency - the drops will slide off the paint!

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